Information acceptance and pre-print preparation

Print files andsubmitted in PDF format:

  • Placed on FTP server*;
  • In CD, DVD, USB;
  • Sent via e-mail (recommended up to 20 MB).

*Project manager will provide Information for connection. If you need the latest stable version of ftp client click here to download .

When submitting project indicate:

  • Phone number and/or e-mail address of the responsible for the model employee;
  • PANTONE system color codes if will be printed with PANTONE colors.

Requirements for PDF files:

  • We recommend to prepare the PDF files in PDF/X-4 version;
  • Trim box and bleed box 4 mm;
  • Resolution no less than 300 dpi;
  • No RGB elements;
  • Hairline not less than 0,02 mm;
  • All used fonts have to be embedded to model .pdf file or converted to curves;
  • When preparing 4 color tones, aggregate color amount should be not more than 330% on chalk paper and 300% on non-chalk paper;
  • Empty pages have to be included into prepared files to correspond to numbering of the pages in the model;
  • We recommend leaving fonts and bar codes only in K (black). We do not recommend text in 4 colors;
  • UV partial polishing, foiling or cutting clichés are provided in separate files;
  • We do not recommend using  ICC or OPI color profiles.

Other recommendations:

  • Integral and gradient background color in the edition recommended being 2% darker for one CMYK channel. There is a risk for lighter backgrounds to disappear in printing process.

How to Prepare PDF Files for Offset Printing (tips):

Tips for Preparing PDF Files for Offset Printing / Artwork Preparation For Offset Printing


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! Actually in prepress workflow all the marks that are included in project are not only useless but in most cases obstruct. All the marks needed will be included later in prepress process. The perfect made project must be set with trim box and bleed box if needed and no marks that interfere within the bleed box. Crop marks can be an exception if they are set right way.

Please note that if some marks are needed for your own purposes you can set them outside the bleed box.


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