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Hardback books / Hardcover books

Non-periodic edition composed of sewn sheets. Sheets are fortified with hardback or paperback covers. Our equipment allows producing books with spine up to 7 cm.

Additional services: dust jacket, stripe (tassel).

Hardback books (hardbound) are bind with Kolbus production line.

  • bindings Nr. 4, 7, 5;
  • maximum book size 27x36,5x7 cm;
  • minimum book size 11x12,5x0,4 cm;
  • thickness of page block 0,4-7 cm.

Long run hardcover binding and printing

Hardback Books are printed with sheet-fed offset printing machines.

Internal book page block wrapping cover is with hard base (from cardboard, thickness 2; 2.4 or 3 mm, or
cardboard with foam), faced with paper, artificial leather or linen.

Chalk paper is used for cover (130 g/m²).

For exceptional quality we more often use artificial leather, linen or impregnated paper. Click on link and you will find Baladek material for cover finishing. We can offer Geltex or Surbalin products as well.

Head and Tail Bands (H/T band) are available in many different colours.

A book marker (or reading) ribbon is available in many different colours as well.

We can produce a book with square and round back spine.

For the finishing of the product we propose:

UV full or partial polishing, foiling, glossy, matt, soft, silver or repousse laminating, relief indentation, screen printing.


  • A5 148x210 mm (big sheet 64x90cm/16 parts);
  • A4 210 x 297mm (big sheet  64x90cm/8 parts);
  • 170 x 245 mm (big sheet 72x102cm/16 parts);
  • 249 x 340 mm (big sheet 72x102cm/8 parts);
  • 110 x 150 mm (big sheet 72x102cm/32 parts);
  • 123 x 166 mm (big sheet 72x102cm/32 parts).

Cover colour

  • 4+0 / one side full colour;
  • 1+0 / one side one colour;
  • 2+0 / one side two colours;
  • 3+0 / one side three colours;
  • 5+0 / one side full colour + pantone.
Insides pages / paper:
  • Coated / from 80 to 200 gsm;
  • Uncoated / from 70 to 200 gsm;
  • Bookwove / from 65 to 200 gsm.
Inside pages colour:
  • 4+4 / full colour, cmyk;
  • 1+1 / one colour;
  • 2+2 / two colours, for example k + pantone.
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